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June 22, 2012
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London, England.
It was your summer break, and for vacation, you decided to visit an old friend.
Arthur Kirkland. The two of you have known one another since you were both little.
He was still as sweet as you remembered. He'd, though.

"How have you been since high school, love?", England asked, smiling at you and leaning on the kitchen counter.

You also smiled."I've been great! I moved to Scandanavia for college. They're so nice in Sweden!!"

England let out a relieved sigh."I was thinking you would go to Paris!!"

You laughed and shook your head."I like art, but nope. Because you don't like Francis, and I like Scandanavia."

"Ohh, thank you.", England swooned.

You smiled and took a sip of the coffee in your hand.
Arthur and you really haden't seen one another since the end of high school.
Those were the strangest four years of your life...

A gentle knock on the front door startled you a little.
England smiled at you as he went to answer it.

...Arthur still had one of the best smiles you'd ever seen. It was just so adorable!!
It was a damn shame he didn't smile more...

"Oh, _______! Come here, I've wanted you two to meet for a while!"

Setting your drink down, you floated out of the kitchen and to the living room.
England was grinning at a man about his age. He had strawberry-blonde hair that cradled his face perfectly.
He was a little pale. His crimson eyes were as bright as gemstones.
He head on a large, dark trenchcoat. Dispite, you could see how well-built he was.
And the little top hat balanced skillfully on his head was adorable.

And to add on, he was pre-tty sexy.

"Remember when I told you I got an apprentice?", England asked you with a smile.

You nodded."Is this him?"

"This is Vladimir.", England replied, pointing to him."He's Romanian."

Romania smiled at you. You blushed and smiled back.
You almost gasped as Romania took your hand in his.
"It's a pleasure to meet you finally, ________. Arthur has said a lot about you."

You blush deepened as Romania brought your hand to his lips and gave it a soft kiss.
"A-Artie...what have you been saying?"

"Oh, nothing against you.", England insisted, starting to blush."But Vladimir here was getting a little too interested..."

Romania's face flushed and he turned his crimson orbs to England."Let's not go there again, Arthur."

"At least not infront of the lady.", England said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Just one thing.", Romania said, a smile starting to spread across his lips."Rick Santourum called, he wants his sweater-vest back."

You laughed. Your British friend was wearing a light green dress shirt, but over it, was a sweater-vest.
But he could pull it off.

"Hey, Arthur, can I talk to _________ for just a minute?", Romania asked.

England nodded and leaned down to give your cheek a polite kiss.
"Don't take too long."

After England left the room, Romania looked at you with a flirtacious glint in his beautiful eyes.
You started to blush again, not sure how to respond.

Romania gently wrapped his arms around the small of your back and pulled you close.
Your blush only got brighter from there.
"__________...I'm sorry for coming on too strong, but...I love you."

"V-Vladimir...", you began, looking up into Romania's eyes."That's actually....really sweet..."

Romania gave you a curious look."Have you never had a boyfriend?"

You shook your head."I was the quiet girl in school, and I am in college now....Nobody pays any attention to me."

"That's...idiotic.", Romania insisted, gently cupping a hand around your cheek."You're beautiful. I don't understand how someone could miss this beauty..."

You blushed brightly and looked away from Romania.
Never in a million years, would you think you were pretty...
But...with Vladimir...
"I'm just me, Vlad. Nothing special here."

"No.", Romania objected, bringing his face closer to yours."You're so beautiful. Even the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. And I'm pretty old, ______."

You were now looking at Romania like he belonged in a mental institution.
"How the...I mean, you look all young and sexy and shit!!"

Romania blushed slightly and laughed."Because that was when I was changed into a vampire, darling! Don't you wonder why I'm so cold?"

You hesitated. You then let your hands cup around Romania's face, squishing it each and every way.
His face was freezing. Dragging your hands down his body, the remainder of him was ice-cold.
Stopping just above his belt, you whispered,"Oh my you're kind-of like a zombie?"

"Kind-of.", Romania said with a laugh."It's amazing, isn't it? I love it when humans do that!"

You smiled and gently forced Romania's mouth open.
There were his little adorable fangs. They weren't enlongated, but you knew they were giant when they were.
You went through your vampire phase not too long ago. And you think it might just come back.
"Whaa, fangs! They're so tiny and cute..."

"Wanna shee 'em furr?", Romania asked.

You laughed and nodded."You want me to, like...bite my tongue?"

Romania shook his head.
He just pulled you closer to him until your faces were inches apart.
Resisting the urge to just kiss Romania, you admired his face instead.

Finally, you got what he was doing.
He was smelling your blood...

As his fangs shot from his gums, you flinched your hand back.
Romania just smiled.

"Sorry to startle you.", Romania said.

You giggled."It's okay."

Romania nodded and looked away from you."At least you didn't run, screaming bloody murder. A lot of people do that...but not you or Arthur!"

"What are you saying, Vlad?", you asked, snaking your arms around Romania's neck.

The Romanian let out a long sigh, a lot visibly on his mind.
"...Everyone's afraid of me. But I understand why. You're the first girl to ever be nice to me! People still hated my ass when I was alive!"

You bit your lip, contemplating on weather to kiss Romania or not...
Going with your gut, you stood up on your toes and pressed your lips against his.
The Romanian hesitated. He then sunk into the kiss, holding you tight and accepting every drop of your affection.

It really broke your heart that someone would be scared of that loveable mess heap.
And most people didn't believe in, what the hell was their problem?

You pulled back slowly and smiled at Romania."Hey...I wouldn't mind becoming a vampire if that meant you wouldn't be alone...or with Arthur. Bugh."

"I heard that, damn it!"

Romania looked you up and down."__________, are you sure?"

"Positive.", you replied."Do it..."
Continue? I've ideas, but I don't want to waste them if nobody's gonna read it!
Romania. *3*
None of the characters are mine.

Number two! [link]
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urbanmusic1234 Feb 24, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Vlad is so relatable to me since i am from Romania (im a vampire now :3)
SyrinAE Feb 15, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Vampire children
Oh Romania my love :iconembarrasedplz:
StarSapphire9601 Dec 19, 2013
author-san, you have no idea on what did you just did to top3 crushes in Hetalia are, England,Romania,and Norway....SERIOUSLY? England and Romania? >.< please...I'm too young to die! I'm only 12 ;-;
Those were not my intentions, dear reader! ; o ; 
And, honey, you aren't supposed to be on DeviantArt at only 12. This site is for ages 13 and up...
StarSapphire9601 Dec 20, 2013
heehee..I don't mind, I'm going to be 13 next year anyways XD (sorry I'm so crazy towards fanfics with gore and lemons ._.)
Yes, but I don't want you to have to go and get banned because you're underage. ; o ; 
StarSapphire9601 Dec 22, 2013
NUUUU!! don't turn me in! *kneels down and cry while begging* please do't betray Ai! T^T parents doesn't know
I won't turn you in. When I started dA on my old account I was only 11 or 12, and thankfully nobody turned me in then. :p
StarSapphire9601 Dec 23, 2013
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