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Your sandals hit the cobblestone streets with speed. A few people tried to stop you, but you kept running.
There was something urgent the prince needed to know.
And it was besides that you were in love with him...but so was every other girl in the kingdom!
But what would someone expect? The prince was a gentleman, never thinking he was better than anyone.
His blond hair gave him a cute look. His piercing emerald eyes gave him a seductive feel.

You gasped and stopped in your tracks as you almost colided with a young man.
You looked up to him. You knew him.
"Hey, Alfred. I need to see the prince. It's urgent. It's even written down so I don't forget!"
Alfred was the kingdom's dragon slayer. He was so sweet and adorable!

America smiled at you and stepped aside after openening a large door, but not without giving you a regular kiss on your left cheek.
"Go ahead, _________."

"Thanks!", you said, taking back off running.

Being a messanger was hard, but it had it's ups. You could eat whatever you wanted, then get an urgent message and run it off.
Some downs were that your boss made you cut your hair short, like the prince's hair-short, so you were more aerodynamic.
And you wore boys' clothes, so people thought you were a boy.
But then they saw your chest. Thank God you weren't as flat as a cutting board.

You slowed back to a walk as you began to step on a beautiful violet carpet.
The castle's decorations always caught your attention. They were so beautiful and elaborate, just like the clothing of it's residents.
Even the servants were treated well!

The doors to the throne room went up to the walls, and were made of stone.
You gripped a handle and gently pulled it open.
There stood Prince Arthur, admiring one of his swords.

"Excuse me, Your Highness?", you said, slipping into the room and closing the door behind you.

England looked away from his sword and to you."Oh, _________. That's your name, right?"

You nodded."Thank you for not thinking I was a boy, sir."

England smiled as he set his sword back down on the tall stand that shared his height.
The young man then walked up to you."What's the urgency, love?"

You gasped and pulled your messanger bag from your hip.
Digging into it and pulling a sheet of folded paper out, you handed it to England."It's from the king in another kingdom. My boss handed it off to me, so you would get it, sir. I...I really want to know what it's about."

England looked up from the sheet and smiled at you."I'll read it aloud, then..."

After clearing his throat, England read off,"Prince Arthur Kirkland, we have met before. The nickname 'Dutchy' should ring a bell. I have a young daughter, the princess, whom is around your age. I'm writing to ask if you would take her hand in marriage. If you decline, there won't be a problem. But if you accept, my darling and I will be coming to your kingdom once we get the reply!"

You were sweating and blushing brightly. YOU wanted to be Arthur's wife, not some foreign girl he barley knew!
You delivered so many...things to Arthur, the two of you got aquainted, even if it was a little.
"W-What are you going to say?"

England sighed and folded the paper up and simply threw it aside."I'm going to decline. There's a woman in this kingdom I want to make my wife. She's perfect..."

"Can I ask who?", you asked, getting nosey.

A blush dusted England's face as he averted his eyes from you for a moment.
He then smiled at you."You, ________. I want you to be my wife. You're already my angel."

You gasped happily and pulled England into a tight hug, wrapping your arms around his neck.
The hot prince just told you he wanted you to be his wife!! You were overly happy.
"Oh, Arthur...I love you."

"I love you, too.", England said as he held you tight."I love you so much..."


It'd been a month since England and you got married. Even though you were technically the queen now, you still liked walking around, even though you weren't a messanger anymore. It was fun, though.
And you started to like you short hair, so you styled it until you were happy and kept it. It worked, so why not?

You were at your favorite spot to sit around since you were young; Stonehenge. There was a calming atmosphere about the place...
It was just about dawn. Even though you did want to sleep at your husband's side, you really wanted to see the sun rise. Just once.


You looked over your shoulder to see England running up to you.
"You're awake, Arthur?!"

England nodded. Once he was close to you, you saw the distressed look on his face.
"I woke just a few minutes ago, and when I didn't see you asleep next to me, I...almost died! I was so scared!"

"Oh, I'm sorry.", you said, wrapping your arms around England's neck and hugging him tightly.

England sighed and smiled as he gently wrapped his arms around your waist.
"I guess it isn't a problem, since I found you here. The sunrise is beautiful..."

You pulled back from your husband and leaned against him, watching the sunrise.

England held you close to him, not wanting to let you go anytime soon.
"But, it's not as beautiful as you, my darling...Nothing is."

You smiled up at England."Thank you,'re a sweetheart."
Yess, I can finally write again. So I made a prince!England insert, like a sir. lD

England and America (c) Hetalia Axis Powers

And if anyone cares to wonder why America's a dragon slayer; I read an insert where he was a dragon slayer. Whee~
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