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June 2, 2012
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It might've been the middle of winter, but your flushing face was keeping you warm.
You only knew Natasha from her older brother, Ivan, but you didn't know she had an identical twin.
And he was hot.
You just didn't hope he was a stalker, like his sister was.

The frozen lake near Ivan's house was perfect for ice-skating, so that's what you did, accompanied by just Belarus's male counterpart.
He told you he would teach you a little bit.

Tying up your (color) skates, you said,"Alexander? W-Wait, that's your name, right?"

"Mhm.", he replied as he sat down next to you on the bench."What's the matter, _______________?"

"...What if I fall?", you asked innocently.

Belarus laughed, making you blush at how utterly sexy his laugh was.
"I'll catch you. Don't worry, you're making too big of a deal."

You sighed and leaned back, your back hurting from being hunched over.
"Alright. It's impossible to walk in these."

"Would you mind if I...carried you?", Belarus asked as he stood up.

You looked up at him. His dark eyes were full of innocence and a curious glint.
"Not at all.", you replied, holding your arms out to Belarus.

The Belarussian smiled brightly as he gently, and a little shyly, lifted you into his arms bridal-style.
You also smiled, taking the opprotunity to wrap your arms around his neck and give him an affection squeeze.

"D-Do not choke me, ________.", Belarus insisted."Natalia WILL kill you if I die."

You shrugged."She's a meanie-pants."

"Tell me about it.", Bealrus replied as he set you down on the ice softly before backing away.

Holding your arms out to keep your balance, you were already feeling dizzy.
"Whoaaa. Hey, damn it, don't just stand there, showing off!!"

Belarus rolled his eyes and skated back, farther from you.
Holding his arms out, he exclaimed,"C'mere, skate into my arms."

You glared at Bealrus."Do I look like I can?"

"Oh, _________.", Belarus replied, bending his fingers for you to come close."It's like beginning to walk. You've got to try small things."

"You're at least ten feet away, Alexander."

"So? Come on, you know I don't bite...!!"

You sighed and slid one foot behind you, letting it push you twords your friend.
"...Like this?"

A huge smile was on Bealrus's face."You're doing well. Just do that with your other foot. Alternate, come on..!"

Losing your footing, you held your arms out once again."A-Alexander...!!"

Belarus sighed and skated up to you, lifting you into his arms bridal-style in one swift moation and making a blush brush your face softly.
Looking down at you, the Belarussian whispered,"You worry so much. I won't let you fall."

"You said that already.", you complained, wrapping your arms around Belarus's neck.
Leaning your head against his shoulder, you said,"Besides. I like it a lot better here, when you're holding me."
Bealrus's face lit up. You smiled and gave him an affectionate squeeze.

The sudden feel of lips against yours made you grip Belarus's shoulders tightly. Gently skinking into the kiss from him, you bit his bottom lip.


The Belarussian pulled back from you to see his sister glaring knives at him.
"Oh. Hey, Natasha."
Yeah. I called MaleBealrus 'Belarus' in the writing because Natasha doesn't show up until the last two sentances, like a boss.

Both Belarus' (c) Hetalia Axis Powers
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