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Groaning, your held your head in your hands as you sat up from the hard stone your body was laying on.
It felt fell there somehow. There were a few bruises on your back, and your elbows.
Taking your hands from your head, you examined them slowly.
Seeing three scratches in a line down your left arm, you gasped.
From all the time you speant studying the paranormal, you knew that was a mocking of a trinity.
It was demonic. Bad sign.

And, you were getting a bad aura from this place you were in.
Looking around yourself, there was only a pathway made of dark stone. Like you fell on.
Then...a black abyss. It was like the gateway to Hell your mother told you about before she shuned you away.
Because people weren't supposed to talk to the deceased. They're humans, too.
You could understand because your mother didn't know...but if something isn't acknoweaged, it hurts.
Like how us in the living world yearn for that perfect someone.
The deceased just want someone to talk to!

Standing up slowly, you were still dressed in the tank and shorts you put on before bed. felt weightless. Making your way twords the end of this pathway, your mind was plagued with curiousity.
It couldn't be a dream. Pinching yourself, nothing happened. This was for real.
If you did pass on and gone to'd be concerned. Like, how you got there.
You weren't terribly religious...maybe it was an upper force at hand.
Or your mother, whom you haden't spoken to since you were sixteen. About the time she refused to even look at you.

During that time, you moved in with your boyfriend. His name was...Arthur Kirkland. An adorable English boy.
Sadly, just the day he turned twenty, he got into a car crash, and passed. He wasn't behind the wheel.
A friend from college was driving buzzed. He was a legendary boozer, but cleaned up after Arthur's death.
You were mad at first, but when he got into rehab and got fixed, you found the will to forgive him.
A transfer student from Japan that was Arthur's friend set up a shrine in the Brit's old dorm room.
Everyone would talk to the shrine in hopes Arthur would hear them before they went to bed.
It's still standing, four years later, untouched.

Since then, you still haden't found love like Arthur's. And, you recently turned twentyone.
...Was it Arthur? Did he kill you in your sleep so you could be together?
And did you, or him, get down here?! Sure, he was rude...but...

Gasping, the sudden weight of your body returned to your feet.
Looking down, you saw instead of your normal clothes, an elegant black dress with red and white lace.
Brushing the skirt off, you cracked a smile. It was very beautiful.

"It seems we have a new resident."

"Oh! She's so young!! What happened, Ian?"

"Died in her sleep. Suffocated."

You gasped as two young men came into view.
One was tall. He had red hair and stunning green eyes, like Arthur's. He also had his eyebrows.
The other, average-height. His soft blone hair was tousled and messy. His soft blue eyes almost glowed.
They were both very cute.
Coming closer to them, you asked,"Do you...know me?"

The redhead nodded."Oh, introductions! I'm Ian, this here is Peter. My grown-up, youngest little brother."

Sealand smiled."It's a pleasure."

"Yeah. Uh....", you fidgeted nervously."Can you tell me where I am?"

"Ah, that is a secret.", Scotland insisted."Most people here don't even know. Only the gatekeepers are aloud to know."

Crossing your arms, you sighed slowly."So...can you tell me what happened to me?"

"It was your mother.", Sealand said, giving you a sad gaze."Something beyond our ability came over her. She suffocated you with a pillow."
Your jaw dropped. Sure, your mother didn't like you too much, but she went as far to kill you?!
That wasn't right. It couldn't be.
"Oh, sorry!", Sealand shouted."It was your father."

That made more sense. You didn't like your father, and he didn't like you. At all.
But...homicidal maniacs. What the hell?
"Now what...?", you asked, getting impatient."I stay here forever. In this?"

"Oh, no!", Scotland clarified, pushing Sealand out of his way.
Holding a finger with long, black nails out, they tapped metal, making a loud boom.
Before you, a gaping hole opened up to reveal a bustling town. Just like any other town in the modern-day world.
Except for one detail; the sky was black, and you couldn't hear a thing.

"...What's with the sky?", you asked.

"It's something we can't control.", Sealand replied."______, welcome to your new home."

Not bothering to ask how Sealand knew your name, you slid into the town.
When you stepped inside, all of the noise flooded into your ears.
Looking over your shoulder, you waved to the two gatekeepers before the hole sealed back up.

Sighing, you thought,'This is a nice place...'

"Oh, excuse me, ma'am!"

You gasped as yet another young man ran up to you.
He was so...adorable!! He had dark brown hair, a little messy. And an adorable little curl that had a scary face in it.

"Hi.", he replied bluntly.
Taking your hand, he shook it enthusiastically."Yong Soo Im. You must be _____, the new girl."

You nodded."That's me!"

"Good.", Korea said with a grin."Now, we need to get you some housing! Tell me, what the only place in the world you've been dying to go to?"

You gasped happily."London!"
Growing up in eastern Europe, you'd been dying since you were a child to see the beauty of London.
That...and that was Arthur's home...

Korea smiled at you and pointed stright ahead of you, where a large plaza forked off into three directions.
"Go down that road. On your right, you'll see large gates with the Union Jack imprinted on them. That's the British District."

You raised your eyebrows curiously."And why am I going there instead of my home's district?"

Korea smiled at you."I had orders to send you to the British District. I heard your story. I'm sorry for your loss."

Sighing slowly, you nodded. Everyone said that...
"So. Does that mean I get to see my Arthur?"

Korea shrugged."You can see for yourself. But before you go, I just want you to know that Arthur still loves you..."

You blushed and smiled."Thank you for telling me, Yong Soo."
Korea nodded before backing away from you to let you go about.

Sighing, you began twords the British District with a spring in your step.
Realizing the feel of sandals on your feet, you started to smile.
Not only was it a livley place, it was more generous that Bill Gates.

The thought of seeing Arthur again plagued your thoughts.
After so long...and such a tradgic accident! It would be so amazing to see him.
The two of you were only dating for a few weeks, too...
So, maybe you could make up some of that time.

Seeing the setup of the districts, you wanted to laugh.
The French was right across from the British. That, right there, would spark World War III.

Again, there was a pleasent gatekeeper at the gate of the district.
Waving at her, you came closer."Hello. Uh, I think you might know me, I'm ________."

She gasped and nodded.
Reaching in her pocket, she pulled out a house key and handed it to you before pushing a button on the wall of the gates.
As the gates opened slowly behind her, she smiled and said,"Welcome home, ______."

You nodded your thanks before entering the district.
On the inside, it was quite quaint. But you could hear, that deeper inside, there was a bustling city.
Looking down at your key, it looked ungodly familiar to you.
Then, realization slapped you in the face.
It had to be a key to Arthur's home. And, you knew what that looked like, from pictures he showed you.
It was a home off in the town, just before one entered the city.
So, you knew exactly where to go!

Following the cobblestone streets, you knew you were going to be so happy.
And...Arthur and you would be together forever...
You couldn't ask for anything better. You really couldn't.


Reaching Arthur's home, you took the doorhandle and shook it. Locked.
Sliding the key into the hole softly, you unlocked the door and slowly pushed it open.
The home was elaborate, yet common. Just like Arthur.
Stepping inside, you took your key and closed the door behind you.
Taking your sandals off, you wandered farther into the home.

"Please, if this is another thing abo..."

You gasped, tears starting to well in your eyes at what you saw.
There was your England, just as cute as you remembered.
"A-Arthur...oh, baby..."

"_____!!", England shouted, running to you and pulling you into a tight hug."Oh, _____..I missed you so much, love..."

"I-I missed you, too.", you said, wrapping your arms around your lover's neck and hugging him back.
"D-Did you hear what we told to your shrine?"

England nodded."Every was very sweet of you."

"I had to talk to you, baby.", you insisted through tears."I missed you so much. I never want to go through with that again."

"I promise, you won't.", England insisted, pulling back and brushing away your tears before wiping his own away with his sleeve.

You nodded and sniffled before smiling."We get to be together forever."

England laughed."Of course! Oh, love...I missed your smile."

"And I missed every single cell of you.", you said, laughing also."Artie...promise me you'll always love me."

"I will.", England insisted."I'll always love you, ______."
Wai is this so old. But look, it's finally up. c: I like this one for no apparent reason.
None of the characters used are mine in any way.
Preview Art by ~happymayura
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AshleynWoods Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
This would make a great series for all of the Hetalia characters!(No pressure on doing it) Well done!! XD
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🎤 AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU🎤 .......great now I miss Whitney Houston 
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cheerirox Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Not alone girl Romano (Mustache Laughs) [V1] 
ricybeck Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
So, if the afterlife really does turn out like this, how many fangirls will be in someone's house? Personally, I'm thinking Justin Bieber will die a second time if he ever passes on, just because of this interpretation.
DreamingHetalia101 Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Seeing the setup of the districts, you wanted to laugh.
The French was right across from the British. That, right there, would spark World War III."
I nearly died of laughter!! This story is a work of art~!
Geni-chan Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you honey xD I'm glad it made you laugh
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So sweet ♡
...even if my dad had to kill me for me to get a happy ending .-.

But I really liked this for the one reason that's it's just plain UNIQUE.
It was a really cool interpretation of the afterlife, and it works quite well. It's a pretty interesting mystery, and I really liked it.

ANYWAYSSSS, I just wanted you to know that I loved this XD
Geni-chan Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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