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You wanted so badly to just recoil behind Japan. But his no-touching policy kept you from doing so.
The Japanese man recenlty adopted you from a troubled home. For that, you were forever thankful twords him.
And recently...was speaking of the past week! You were still adapting from your old customs to the ones of the Japanese.
But there was one thing you grabbed easily; Japanese people were very polite and kind.

At the moment, Kiku and yourself were at the home of someone close to him, and who you'd never met before.
It wasn't that you were shy twords strangers. You were shy twords men that you thought were attractive.
Which was easy for girls to understand. You told Kiku once, and he just thought you were crazy.

But, you did like this man. He was really nice, and so adorable. He looked nice in a suit...
All of the stuff around his home was so interesting to you.
He lived with two other men, also Chinese. But one had something of an Anglo-Chinese accent, the other sounding a little Portugese.
They were probably nice, too!

Sitting around something like a kotatsu, Kiku, the man, and you were conversing over tea.
After listening in, you realized this guy used to take care of Kiku before he rebelled. Wow...
It was just like the Alfred boy Kiku introduced to you, but not English and American.
Same thing almost, though.

"Hey, Kiku. Is she your girlfriend?"

"Yao!", Japan shouted, a hot blush developing on his face.
Calming back down, Japan finished,"Remember how I told you I was adopting a girl from Europe?"

Nodding slowly, China replied,"So, this must be her?"

Japan nodded and looked to you, giving you a gentle smile.
"Her name is ____. She wanted to keep her name, so I let her. But, she has my last name."

"She's adorable...", China swooned, putting his head in his hands and sighing happily.

You blushed hotly and looked at your hands in your lap.
Gah, you were no good with guys giving you compliments!
Doing as your new Japanese father taught you, you sat silently, trying not to fidget nervously.

"Is she hearing impared?", China asked.

"How rude!", Japan exclaimed."She's just shy around new people!"

"Really?", China looked to the doorway of the quaint room."Oiii, Hong Kooooong!"

"What?!", the reply came as the said man wandered into the room.

China pointed at you, making you blush brighter.
"Say hi."

Hong Kong walked to your side and squatted down to your height.
When you looked up to him, he smiled at you. You giggled and smiled back.
"You must be Kiku's adoptive daughter."

You nodded."That's me, ________ Honda."

Hong Kong nodded."You're very cute."

"Oh, thank you...", you replied with a shy blush.

Hong Kong smiled at you before returning to his upright position.
To meet China's horrified stare and Japan's evil glares.
"You said say hello. That's what I did."

"You just hit on her!", China objected."And she didn't even...shy away once!"

"You knew I was right here, right?", Japan asked with little sanity in his dark eyes."If you do that again, I'll-"

"Daddy...", you interrupted, looking at Japan."Don't get angry at Sei."

Hong Kong gave you a curious look."Sei?"

You gasped and blushed."D-Did I offend you? I-I'm sorry..."

"No...", Hong Kong insisted."It's just...the nickname. It's very cute."

You smiled."Thanks~"

"Get out of here...", China complained.

Hong Kong simply shrugged before floating out of the room.
You nervously turned to Japan, who was looking less hostile, but still dangerous.
When he saw you, he gasped and smiled, making you laugh.
Hong Kong was adorable...but you really did have a crush on China.

"Oh, Yao. I'll be right back, I have to use the restroom.", Japan stated as he rose.

Getting nervous, you stuttered out ramblings before shushing yourself with your hands.
Slowly looking away from Japan and to China, your face flushed.
In comes the shyness...

When Japan slid the room's door closed, China broke the silence.
"_________....why are you so shy around just me? Is it because you don't know me? What did your father say?!"

"N-N-Nothing...", you insisted nervously."Yao...I'm sorry if I offended you. Please, don't be mad."

China sighed slowly and put his head in his arms on the table.
Looking up at you, the Chinese man smiled so cutely, you just wanted to squish him!
"Why should I be mad, ________? You're just shy. I can deal with that."

You sighed slowly and giggled."I guess I'm not...too bad once my shell's broken. I took a day to get used to my dad!"

China raised his eyebrows in interest, his brown eyes gleaming with curiousity.
God, China was so cute, it should be illegal. And he was kinda sexy, too!
...Ugh, the things you would do to him!!

"You're really beutiful."

You gasped and blushed brightly at China's words.

China snickered and smiled."What? You don't have to be so shy about it!"

You laughed.
"Thanks. You're really handsome, Yao!!"
Gosh this is old. But I never got a chance to upload it. So...enjoy, my little friends. c:
None of the characters used belong to me.
The preview art was created by *kuraudia
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I'm a 1/2 Irish-Scottish-full-American person thing(most known as Galifreyan) yet somehow in this story I was adopted from England? (Stupid TARDIS must be acting up again!)
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